Wednesday, July 8, 2009

If They Reproduced...

Don't even ask me to explain where this one came from, but....

If, somehow, by the grace of God...or in this the grace of NOW...these two to combine their DNA (again to the well of mad science, he goes!), the results would be astounding.

On the one hand we have Maureen Dowd, certainly the father of this unholy fusion:

Traits (all genetic): Rides a broom, ├╝berbitch, zero humor, uncanny ability to sling long overused phrases of mud for the dwindling readership of the New York Crimes

Likes: Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, Joseph Stalin

Dislikes: George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, humor

Turn-ons: NOW doesn't allow her any. Well...there is that homeless guy...Paco...who lives in the alley behind the office, but I promised not to tell anyone because Paco doesn't want to ruin his reputation. Oops...sorry, Paco! It just slipped out.
On the other hand we have the Wicked Witch of Congress:

Traits (all cosmetic): OWNS (through extortion) the factory from which came Maureen Dowd's broom, ├╝berclown, hermaphrodite (strap on)

Likes: Abortions, Botox, Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, Cap-and-Slave, national health care, whips and chains

Dislikes: The Pope, George W. Bush, U.S. Constitution, people with brains

Turn-ons: Henry Waxman, Al Whore
The result? The Curious Case of Benjamin Button...

...the only reporter to have interviewed all 44 presidents.

On the positive side, "Benjamin" just might be the right pit bull to do us all a bloody favor and get Robert "Ahhhhh" Gibbs fired for looking foolish while never answering a question.


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