Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Did I Say "Change" Was Coming?

Former Clinton assistant Betty Currie and Socks, former first-cat.

Change just keeps getting older. John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and…Betty friggin’ Currie?

Yep, the old gang is back together again, with Betty Currie, former personal assistant for Slick Willy, now answering calls for Podesta and President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team. You remember Currie, she's the one special prosecutor Ken Starr grilled so much over Slick's extra-curricular escapades.

But she’s a volunteer now. Really. Just answering phones here and there. Nothing to see here. Just helping out. Move along. No Blagojevich entanglements coming. No Monica Lewinsky surprise around the corner.

Just good old fashioned change. And hope. You know. For the sake of change.


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