Friday, December 12, 2008

Obama To Be Homeless in January

In yet another sign of the impending doom the incoming Obama administration faces, President-elect Barack Obama and his family will be homeless for two weeks in January.

The Obamas had asked White House officials if they could be squatters in the Blair House about two weeks before the traditional date so their two daughters could attend their new school when classes resume Jan. 5. [No president-elect has ever moved into the White House with children before, you see.] Obama aides say the White House can’t meet the request because the current administration still has plans for the historic government home across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House.

“Dick’s got some friends coming up from Texas who want to go hunting in Virginia, and they’re gonna stay in the Blair House,” President George W. Bush said yesterday in the Rose Garden. “Why, even Harry Whittington’s coming, although I’ve been told he’ll be wearing more body armor than a U.S. soldier in Iraq. Hell, we’re here until the 19th. We might as well get our money’s worth.”

Obama's two daughters are planning to attend Sidwell Friends School. Classes start more than a week before the incoming first family could stay at Blair House. An Obama aide said the family will probably just share a cot or two at the 300-bed Franklin shelter, a popular local homeless shelter, so the Chicago-to-Washington transition would be smooth, regardless of living location.

“Lots of people pitch cardboard boxes over heating vents around the city, but the president-elect said he wouldn’t want to interfere with people who already claim those spots,” the spokesman said. “He feels it’s better for the city’s full-time homeless population to stay where they’re more comfortable. He’ll tough it out at the shelter for a couple of weeks.”

It’s another in a long serious of sober awakenings for the incoming president. The economy sucks worse than watching golf (or NASCAR) on HDTV. Obama had to forget about all his liberal friends wanting cabinet posts and hire “conservatives” from the former Clinton administration. A scandal involving Chicago mayor Rod Blagojevich over Obama’s vacated Senate seat threatens to take down Obama’s suddenly silent Chief of Staff Rhambo Emanuel, even before Obama serves a day in office. And Global Warming is now officially Climate Change, with 2008 proving to be the coldest year this century.

That’s not good news for the 9,000 people (many of them veterans) who have nowhere to sleep in the nation’s capital each night, not even those anointed to the court of Camelot II.


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