Monday, December 15, 2008

Goofy Reporter Throws Notebook at Bush

An Iraqi journalist tossed his reporter's notebook at U.S. President George W. Bush during a Baghdad news conference Sunday.

"I write crap. We all write crap. Your policies are crap," Muntazer al-Zaidi from Al-Baghdadia channel, which broadcasts from Cairo, said while throwing his notebook at Bush.

The action is considered by most media to be the worst insult they could make -- even worse than reporting outright lies and fabrications as truth. [Editorial Note: This report is an outright lie and fabrication reported as satire.]

Bush nimbly dodged the notebook, then glared back at the gaggle of media and dared others to follow al-Zaidi's lead. "So what if he threw his notebook? Obviously he has no arm if he couldn't hit me from three feet away. I dare any of you Evildoers to try it, too. Go on. I dare ya!"

al-Zaidi was immediately arrested and, luckily (for him), won't be executed, as he would have been when Saddam Hussein was in power.

The incident was applauded by the major TV networks: ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN. Plans are in the works among them to start a daily news feed called "Which Idiot Journalist Got Nutty and Accosted the U.S. President Today," with the hope of carrying the new tradition into reporting on the incoming administration of Barack Obama.


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