Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Infatuation with the English Innerwebz and a Few Humble Contributions

Just because Ron Russell never knows what to expect when he clicks in here (take a look at the keywords, by the way, Ron), I've got this for you all today:

Some outstanding bloggers spread their excellence across the pond from Britain, and I sneak over for a peak, now and then, just because how they snark is so incredibly different than the way Americans approach the genre. There's a certain cadence to their craft that is mesmerizing, plus they're juvenile as all hell, which appeals to the 18-year-old invincible dumbfuck inside me that wants to spill some occasional invective all over these pages.

They can masterfully tackle subjects that many American bloggers won't even go near, and their ability to curse, particularly when insulting some person or thing, is first rate. For their balls alone, they are definitely worth visiting.

Here are a few you should check out for a dose of powerful snark and some riotous laughter:

Many more are worth your time, so poke around a little bit over there, and you'll be rewarded.

There's another I particularly love, a shared effort by Grumpy Old Twat and All Seeing Eye that is not for the feint of heart, especially if you have an aversion to a certain word that begins with a c, which, over there, doesn't have anything to do with genitalia ... it's more a statement of, well, this discussion (including the comments) is quite interesting (really).

If the word offends, then I humbly ask you not to click the links below. If it doesn't, then I hereby offer you a few of my own contributions (the first two my snark, the rest just nominations) to a delightful blog of extreme put downs:

Barack Hussein Obama [4]

Michael Moore

Nancy Pelosi

Van Jones

Barack Obama [3]

P.S. Fer fuck's sake. Brew Wales, down in the comments section, is spot on. By the way I'm accounting things in this post, Al Qeada is "English" since they live and operate in the G.B. So to correct myself, The Lone Voice is a WELSH blog, as it is written in Wales by a Welshman who lives and breathes and eats and drinks and says c#$% a lot in Wales, of course. I'm open to more corrections because, by BW's observations, I live in East Mexico, given that illegal Mexicans in Atlanta control the entire drug trade for the whole eastern seaboard of the United States.


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