Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Moonbat Gun-grabbing Texan Mayor Gets Pwned

Pissing off a Texan is never smart. Pissing off a Texan gun owner is even dumber. And pissing off a Texan gun owner with a blog and a lot of friends is about as stupid as trying to milk a gerbil with a vacuum cleaner hose.

But the only mayor in Texas to join the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) -- proving he was never too smart to begin with -- was just that stupid, and his moonbattery has him in deep shit over at TexasFred's.

Earlier today, Fred challenged Richard Ward, mayor of Hurst, Texas, in an email:
How does it feel to be the ONLY Mayor in the entire state of Texas to sign on to this veiled attempt at a libber gun grab?
Ward responded by letting loose (apparently from his ass) a stream of childish invective you'd expect from a troll, but not from the mayor of a city of 38,500 people:
You are as ugly as you are dumb. [Emphasis mine.] I suggest you at least take your picture from your web site. If you want to see a handsome dude, go to the City Of Hurst web site.

As to your question, how does it feel to be the only Mayor in Texas to be a member of MAIG. It feels wonderful. At least one mayor has the guts (actually I preferred another word) to stand up for what is right. I am sending you an attachment that I put together. You will likely have to have your wife or child read it to you. It has some big words in it. [Emphasis mine.] But… have it read to you with an open mind and you might realize that we are all seeking the same thing. Get the criminals and illegal guns off the streets.
And now this brilliant mayor has stirred a hornet's nest. You'd better make sure your false teeth are secured there, mayor. There's no telling how we're going to hold Fred back from jumping into his truck and driving to Hurst and giving you an impromptu dental exam.

UPDATE: The moonbat mayor has "signed off." I hope that doesn't mean he's going to do something drastic, like give himself a lobotomy. He'd be wasting his time; he's already brain dead.


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