Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Why Are You Are Republican?"

You know, my first blog post was a piece of garbage, but at least I wrote a coherent sentence.

Michael Steele, head buffoon of the RNC and buddy of such great defenders of your liberty and your wallet as Olympia Snowe and Lindsey Graham and John McCain?

Not so much.

No wonder health care lives on .... Oh, and to answer the question: I'm not anymore. You know the ever popular expression: "I didn't leave the Republican Party...."

What Up? For God's sake, man: Certainly not you.

h/t: Hot Air, Pinkelephantpundit


Maggie M. Thornton said...

I'm not so much concerned about my party affiliation. I just want a conservative to vote for. The problem I see in "voting for the best man, or the best woman" is that once you do, they will become affiliated with Dems or Repubs. They will caucus with them. They will not keep their promises. Until we have another party I can support, I cannot see how I will not be voting for a Republican - even with the RINOs there. I would love for the Libertarian party to come my way and change just a few things.  BTW, your link to your first blog post is broken :(

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