Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And Now, Back to the Funny Pages


I haven't been around to snark anyone's pages, let alone these, for a few days for a variety of reasons, many having to do with evil minions of Chairman Zero and my recent rants.

Let's just say I must be shit because I sure do attract a lot of flies.

Then there's always the crazy fun I'm blessed with in my professional life, where I'm a mild mannered closet right-wing racist health care something or other czar. (Yes, I'm not really a doctor, but I play one on the innerwebz in more ways than just fucking snarking around.)

In fact, here's an interesting observation I made to a colleague yesterday about my freak-show company's obsession with swine flu...
Well…16 emails came into my inbox on this subject in the past minute. If we extrapolate those numbers out over time, that means I could receive 960 emails about swine flu per hour or 23,040 emails about swine flu per day or 162,280 emails about swine flu per week or 8,286,560 emails about swine flu per year.

I think that’s quite enough emails about swine flu for anyone’s lifetime.
And. Yes. I did use a calculator.

Speaking of calculations (or mis-calculations, as it were), do you think LGF's Charles Johnson ever thought he'd become such the butt of innerwebz abuse as to be immortalized by this funny fucking comic?

As The Other McCain noted the other day (hey a half-assed alliteration!):
Major Coffee-Spew Hazard! Do Not Click ... Unless You Are Prepared For Serious BWAAAHAHAHA!
Although ... I would have added the word "fucking" after major, but that's just my personal taste.


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