Thursday, September 17, 2009

Your Baby Is a Stone-cold Racist

With its "See Baby Discriminate" article, Newsweek joins the long list of moonbat media regurgitating the latest DNC talking point:

You're either with Obama, or you're with the racists.

Even your baby.

The evidence? DEFINITIVE PROOF! from the Children's Research Lab at the University of Texas, where kids were asked to answer these questions:

How many White people are nice?
(Almost all) (A lot) (Some) (Not many) (None)

How many Black people are nice?
(Almost all) (A lot) (Some) (Not many) (None)

During the test, the descriptive adjective "nice" was replaced with more than 20 other adjectives, like "dishonest," "pretty," "curious," and "snobby."


[The] first test of the kids revealed they weren't colorblind at all. Asked how many white people are mean, these children commonly answered, "Almost none." Asked how many blacks are mean, many answered, "Some," or "A lot." Even kids who attended diverse schools answered the questions this way.

There you have it. Racism!

To be honest with you, I much prefer Frank J.'s test, over at IMAO:


* Will only drink white milk.

* Cries when you turn up the gangster rap.

* Doesn’t like Spike Lee movies.

* Has no interest in supporting Barack Obama’s health care reform.

Regardless, you'd better get it through your thick disgusting head right now: If you don't support Obama, your baby will grow up to be racist, just like you.


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