Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm An Ugly American...

Along with all the other people depicted below.

Sooooo....fuck you Obama, Pelosi, Reid, your 3 dozen czars, and everyone else you pay for, pay off, and pay to rub your ugly moles.

Your mob enemies are here:

Click the avatar collage for some shocking images of evil incarnate.
Then click the legend to smell how huge, oh so huge, these ugly Americans are.

From BigFurhat and the conveniently irresponsible and delicously irreverent iOwnTheWorld.

Oh...and I'm the avatar who looks like he thinks he's Ralph Steadman's depiction of Hunter S. Thompson. If you get that, you've been reading this awfully stupid blog for far too long, and you should partake of the brown acid and swallow the blue pill right now.


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