Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"You Lie"

That's right, Joe Wilson, he is a liar.
UPDATE: Again, and again, and again.
After all, doesn't Obugger sound like a dad scolding a bunch of kids who just did as he does and not as he said to do? And did you catch Nancy Pelosi's look? It's almost as if she just heard a recording of herself calling the American people Nazis.

Bugger off, Obugger. You do broken record sinking into irrelevancy fake high-IQ whiny asshole with terrible poll numbers whose only claim to fame is getting passed a Porkulus bill that hasn't done jack while you lose the respect of more Americans by the Teleprompter sound byte.

You may be a resident of the White House, but you're no president of the United States, no more than, say, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is. Obviously, since you're not listening to hundreds of thousands of Americans and, on Saturday, upwards of a million, you think you're president only of you.

Believe me...whatever you say does not go...not by a long shot.


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