Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cult of Dickheadery

I used to love this song. Back in the '80s I was a bit less political than today's 40-plus version of me.

Why should I be political? I was just out of high school; I was single; I was drinking premium German beer at the age of 19 in the streets of Frankfurt, friggin' legally; and I had a girlfriend who got a boob job at the expense of the government (yeah, that's right, national health care gave me a few pleasant nights).

What the Hell did I know?


Man, we were in a band. I was the singer. I was slim and virile and stupid as can be. I actually thought I was the cult of personality when this tune by Living Colour (an all-black rock band) came out.

We thought it was cool to play the tune, to associate with its sentiment.

What did we know. We had no idea it would lead to this:

h/t: Moonbattery


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