Monday, November 10, 2008

Showbama's Tax "Cut" Exposed

Why call it a tax “cut,” when your plan is to just dial back the tax law 9 years?

Why, spin, of course. Truth is negligible to a presidential candidate, and downright blasphemy to a president (slash president-elect).

Are you getting a tax cut, or are you having your taxable levels restored to the year 2000? Question of logic: If your tax level was higher in 2000 and you make more money now (or the same amount, as is probably common these days), will you see a tax “cut” or a tax “raise”?

(Hint, the answer isn’t going to make the average “middle class” family very happy.)

That’s progress for you (and that’s why a Democrat telling the average American he’s going to get a “tax cut” is like a Republican telling a poor family their vote is equivalent to winning the lottery). How much “hope and change” comes with going back to something that was screwed up back when you were still not good enough to win state elections (and the sitting Democrat president thought you were a punk)?

Gee…I wonder how much debate we’ll have about the great King Showbama’s IQ now?


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