Sunday, November 30, 2008

French President Cries Foul Over Obama Voodoo Dolls

French President Nicholas Sarkozy has lost his petition to block the sale of voodoo dolls.

“They look too much like U.S. President-elect Barrack Obama,” Thierry Herzog, a lawyer for Sarkozy, told reporters on Saturday. “Nothing against Obama, but we expect a little more from our satire here in France. They can wave a white flag over there in America all they want, but a voodoo doll of President Sarkozy should have a bit more classe, oui?”

On Friday, a Paris court rejected Sarkozy’s appeal to block the sale of the dolls, ruling the maker can continue to sell the dolls as long as they come with a warning that sticking pins in the toy is an affront to the dignity of all Frenchmen. The dolls most also come with a white flag, the court said.

About 20,000 dolls were originally produced by Japanese K&B Publishers and sold within a day of the hearing. K&B has sold similar “voodoo kits” in mockery of U.S. President George W. Bush and Senator Hillary Clinton. Neither sued. (They’re used to such treatment.)

Herzog said Sarkozy may take the fight to an economic level, proposing a law to banish K&B’s products to beyond French borders. “Let the free marketeers put up with them,” she said.

“That’s fine. We’ll start selling Obama dolls in the U.S. that look like Sarkozy. That ought to get him even more pissed,” a K&B spokesman said.

Voodoo high priest Togbui Gnagblondjro III called the affair an abomination. "This is an affront to my beliefs. Voodoo does no harm. It protects you if you are honest and sincere. It hates treason and lies. I consider this to be both."

In retaliation, he was said to be using computer climate voodoo models to stir up more global warming hysteria for both the U.S. and France.


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