Saturday, June 13, 2009

Obugger's Wealth Care

Click to enlarge. And find the rest over here.

Got my ration book? Check.

Got my cash? Check.

Got health care? "We regret to inform you, Mr. ADHD, that your rations are no longer in good standing, do to your failure to check box 7,942 on Form HSO, part 713, section 600,401, paragraph 97, subparagraph 842, bullet X47d12, question 345,211: "Your shoe size." Your inadequacy has been reported to the Board of Rations for your subsequent termination from the program. Please see your health commissar immediately, or we will be forced to dispatch the healthbots to drain your government-issued lifeforce and recycle it in a more useful program participant. That is all."

h/t: Soylent Green

For even more fun health care satire, go here.


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