Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obugger Is Now Embrancing "BHO"

I've been called a racist here for referring to the president as "b. Hussein." My argument, naturally, has been: "It's his middle friggin' name, you idiot."

Really, though, I've been using the name because I know it got under his skin during the campaign, the president being a man of wild temperament and great insecurity.

But...not anymore.

Now that he's deep-throating the Muslim world this week with a speech that is bound to be talked about for ages (by the Left as the moment he arrived, by the Right as the moment he left the planet), BHO is now wonderfully in love with his middle name, and the White House is spinning it toward the media every chance they get: It's a sign of political correctness when we use it; it hearkens back to his Muslim roots.

So...since it would be politically correct, nay, a sign of respect, for me to refer to the president by his middle name, I'm officially retiring it from this space.

I'll choose, instead, to lean upon a simpler name, a more direct name, a name that more truthfully represents the man and what he's doing to people who don't espouse his point of view (twisted fuck that he is) and to the country. From today forth, Mr. President, you are:


I hope you like it.


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