Friday, June 26, 2009

8 Republican Assholes Who Helped Cap and Trade Pass the House

Once there were 8 RINOs in the House of Representatives who wanted to tax you even more than you already are in the name of some fictional assholery called "Global Warming," a scheme that was hatched (by snakes) for nothing more than to transfer enormous parts of your freedom and wealth to that great frontier of trustworthiness and piety and "your best interest" -- good ole Washington, D.C.

They wanted to force your electric bill to go up.

They wanted to force you to pay more for your vehicles and the fuels you put in them.

They wanted you to pay more for your jacuzzi and your microwave and your hairdryer and Grandma Jane's trusty air conditioner for the enclosed patio.

Today they were the difference between cap and tax getting stuck in the wax between Henry "The Thing" Waxman's ample ears and you getting to pay more for the crap you buy...not to mention more of it that will be made overseas....because who the hell wants to do business in a country that taxes them to death?

FINAL VOTE: 219 - 212 PASSES (click for source)

Their names were:
And even though this bill still has to go through the Senate, I think you should help me give all of these fine 8 traitors a friendly "Fuck You," don't you?

UPDATE: Direct link to who voted what.

UPDATE II: Though a fake, this photo is very instructive, no?


UPDATE IV: You can find a great roundup of what others have said at the bottom of this post over at Michelle Malkin's place.

UPDATE V: James Inhofe says that foul stench you're about to smell wafting from D.C. is cap and tax dying in the Senate.

UPDATE VI: I find it VERY interesting that on Monday, June 29, 2009, between 9:10 - 10:15 a.m. EST I had the following hits from:
  •, 4 page views, 3:04 duration
  •,1 page view, 1:44 duration
  •, 5 page views, 6:26 duration
  •, 2 page views, 4:21
  •, 1 page view, 0:00 duration (sitemeter didn't track the hit)
  • (Sandia National Laboratories), 4 page views, 6:38 duration
Unfortunately I'm having a few technical difficulties getting a screen grab from my sitemeter, but: Hey gubmint...if you're watching me, I'm watching you back!

(Slipping on my tinfoil hat now....)


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