Thursday, June 4, 2009

He's a Friggin' Embarrassment

Amateur hour once again held sway today in Cairo, naturally.


Before Obugger's through, I expect to be bowing every day toward Mecca, working to pay for his date nights, making sure I don't say or write anything to cause my children to report me to the authorities, and hacking off my own gangrenous limbs because Medicare for All will deem me not healthy enough to be cured of being sick and turn me away from the hospital.

Here's some honest commentary (what you won't get from the MSM) on his speech (from Rory Cooper, of the Heritage Foundation):
It is as if the President has no basis in reality. At Five Guys restaurant last week, the President revealed he didn’t know what the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency was when he met an employee. Maybe he should be better briefed on the world before speaking again. On the 20th anniversary of Tiananmen Square, he callously dismissed human rights concerns. He naively gave a green light to Iran to move forward with building nuclear capacity. He naively called Iraq a “war of choice” dismissing all of the undivided bipartisan support for the intelligence that led us into Baghdad. He naively and unnecessarily apologized for America’s Cold War concerns over Iran. He said “no single nation should pick and choose which nations hold nuclear weapons.” Wrong. America has a responsibility to its allies to do exactly that! And then he apologized AGAIN for us even having nuclear weapons, never mind the inherent strategic flaws in that statement.

Now I will admit that he did wax poetically about the common dreams of Americans and Muslims around the world, and American leadership throughout, but for him to claim ownership over these views is arrogant. President Bush also expressed these sentiments and was met with indignation from the left when doing so. Many other Presidents did as well. To act as if he is delivering American citizens out of decades of anti-Muslim behavior is objectionable and insulting. If we are to believe that America is just one of many nations, without any leadership authority, than we are also to believe that the United Nations dues should be divided equally; humanitarian money divided equally; naval rescues divided equally; food and medicine for the poor around the world; divided equally. But that is naive, just like this speech. America is the leader of the free world for many great reasons, and today’s speech unfortunately showed a President apologizing for this greatness once again. Shameful.
And here's what you'll never hear him say, particularly after today.

Holy crap, Obugger, you really pissed Ed Anger off this time. h/t: Exblogitate

Don't forget, "Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance. We see it in the history of Andalusia and Cordoba during the Inquisition" -- yet another Obamateurism.

And it's REALLY bad when you can tell which side he's on.


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