Sunday, October 4, 2009

You're Correct, NY Times: Zero's Whoring Around Is Pretty Sad

It's quite damning for Dear Leader when even his concubines at the New York Times think he was off his rocker for traveling to Copenhagen only to get bitch slapped by the 18 votes his beloved Graftland got from the International Olympic Committee after his little speech:
As for why Mr. Obama went — especially if he wasn’t sure Chicago would win — here are two possible explanations: One, Mr. Obama, and his White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, another Chicagoan, love a good competition; the other is that they have a tad too much confidence in Mr. Obama’s hortatory powers.
But I take issue with the Times for its use of the word horatory to describe Barack Obama's so-called powers of persuasion. We all know that, without TOTUS, the pResident has the speaking ability of Keanu Reeves mixed with the annoying cadence of Robert Gibbs. And we all know that every time Obama opens his mouth, his poll numbers start hurtling toward the roman numeral that represents one of his many deservedly derogatory nicknames, Zero.

Frankly, I don't know why the Times didn't use the proper word to describe this pResident and his attitude of inserting himself into every situation he possibly can, as if he were sleeping with everyone around him, just so he can develop at least some sense of usefulness.

I don't know why, that is, the Times didn't just say that "they have a tad too much confidence in Mr. Obama's powers as a whore."

UPDATE: I stand corrected. It's not the Roman numeral zero Zero's numbers are hurtling toward; it's this famous German symbol.


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