Monday, October 19, 2009

My Health Care Solution? Kill All the Lawyers, Pass Tort Reform, and Open the Insurance Borders

In which I use gmail to educate a liberal friend, and, in the meantime, cure the health care “crisis” …

October 18:
We don't need the system "overhauled," for chrissake. Do your homework. That's a code word straight from Obugger himself. Obugger is nothing more than a snake oil salesman selling you poison. Shame on you.

There are only about 12 million people who are uninsured. Look it up. Obama's figures are whacked...because he's a fucking liar, and Joe Wilson is awesome for saying it. I see that fuck, I'm screaming it until my vocal chords are gone. (And fuck the illegals...I'm not paying for them ... get them the fuck out of my country.)

I have never seen such an assault on the individual in my 42 years. We stand on a precipice. We move left while Cuba moves right. We are truly, truly fucked if this health care shit happens.

WHAT WE NEED IS: tort reform. Look up Texas. The economy is booming. Doctors are flocking. Lawyers are slinking away like naughty little cats caught humping gerbils. My solution? Kill all the lawyers. Then institute tort reform. Then open up insurance competition across state lines, so you can purchase (without your asshole employer) a package on your own from some dude in Kansas who can beat your New York-based insurer’s price by hundreds, if not thousands. You'll see prices drop so fast you'd think there was a fire sale.

Obuggercare is nothing more than government monopoly on your insurance. You tell me one thing where government's done a better job than the private sector. Good luck. You can't.

There's PLENTY we can do to help the uninsured, for about $28 billion...and it won't affect the taxes of anyone...or the current health care of anyone...or take $500 billion from Medicare over the next 10 years (yeah...who needs old people...fuck them....let's eat them instead...that's what the false Messiah says, along with his assholes in Congress and the Senate).

Make no mistake...this is about control. About making Democrats the controlling party forever.

And the fact that we're fighting back? That shit terrifies them. They'll lose most of their funding if they do tort reform. They'll lose their bullshit argument. They have no clue. They have no ideas. They have no chance.

The facts are out there. If you want to find them. And realize what they mean.

Mark my words. If this health care shit passes, you WILL see the next revolution.

We've. Had. Quite. Enough.


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