Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Obama's America

If little piggy flu is a "national emergency," you have to wonder if Chairman Zero has gone off his rocker. After all, piggy flu isn't even as deadly as the seasonal flu. You have a bigger chance of dying from over exposure to a Zero address to a joint session of Congress than you do from piggy flu.

Good luck finding the vaccine, by the way. And the Zombiecrats want us all to believe government health care will be all cookies and cream.

No, I'm thinking that, since Zero's become the Appeasement President, more interested in building turtle tunnels and funding APORN than letting his troops win wars and protecting Americans from rogue nations and the Russian ManBearPig, Obama's America is probably more likely to end up disheveled and broken.

Worse, it just might end up like the world in Cormac McCarthy's The Road: A world in which ash rains down from the sky and the only food left is people and "hope and change" mean staying alive long enough to find other people who haven't gone completely insane.

For a little taste, here's the trailer from the upcoming flick. But I'd recommend picking up the book before you see the movie. You won't be able to put it down.

Happy Tuesday.


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