Friday, October 30, 2009

And the Country Lived Happily Ever After

Cop #1: Ok, buddy. We caught ya red handed.

Cop #2: Book 'em, Danno, for violating the Constitution, theft of private property, excessive taxation, ignorant foreign policy, lying to 62 million voters, and selling his country's soul without permission for his own glorification.

Obamacriminal: Gee. I hope they put me in the same cell as someone from ACORN. Joe! Hey, Joe! It's all yours, now!

Joe Biden (offstage): Hey, Mr. President ... um ... Barack? Can I keep the Nobel Prize? And can you take Mobama with you? I watched her walk Yogi Berra to the mound for the first pitch of the World Series the other night, and I swear her hips touched first and third simultaneously.

Via Clint Cox's Facebook page


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