Friday, June 22, 2012

It's All Falling Apart for Barack Obama

It's time for Barack Obama to shed some tears. The wheels are coming off his rainbow covered bus. It's all falling apart. Come January, you'll see David Axelrod as a pall bearer, hoisting the coffin of a dead presidency on its way out of the District of Criminals.

The lapdog media is getting wise. Democrats are boycotting the DNC, to avoid the train wreck of a failed amateur, looking beyond what they anticipate will be Obama's single term, and positioning themselves to survive the aftermath. Jay Leno is slamming Obama's campaign spending. Hollywood is worried about Obama's celebrity.

It's all too delicious.

And now comes this: Obama's own base is turning on him over his 23rd hour invocation of executive privilege this week, calling him a "sheep in wolf's clothing."

The garbage propagated by the Obama Administration is not going unnoticed by some liberals. Some are indeed calling him out. 
Over at the Daily Kos, an article slammed him for his incompetency and lack of transparency:
At Reddit, many users have had enough with the President's broken promises. Here are just a few examples (click on images for better quality).
"A wolf in sheep's clothing:""Transparency my ass:"Blood on his hands:
Even at Democratic Underground some (though certainly not most) actually thought about what the President was doing:

The irony. The hilarity. The "chickens coming home to roost." I could die laughing right now.

But it gets better. Gallup has Obama's approval rating down to 43%, a staggering drop of 7% in just two weeks, and Rasmussen has Mitt Romney up 5 points now. That's what happens when you manhandle the Constitution not once but twice in 7 days.

It's a long summer ahead, but it looks to be a blistering one for the most arrogant man in the world.

He deserves it.

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