Monday, June 11, 2012

Racist Congress Sets Contempt Vote for Holder

I just KNEW that GOP Congress was racist.

They send nearly 30 jobs bills to Dirty Harry Reid's desk, but he won't sign them because ... they're racist. They won't cooperate with Demorrhoid in Chief Barack Obama's agenda because ... they're racist. They call Obama out of touch for saying the economy is "doing just fine" because ... they're racist.

Now they want to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.

That's. Just. Racist. Why, it's criminal to suggest Holder has withheld information from Congress about Fast and Furious. After all, he has Superior Knowledge.
The Justice Department has maintained it has cooperated fully with the congressional investigation, turning over tens of thousands of documents and having Holder testify to Congress on the topic at least eight times.

However, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., says the Justice Department has refused to turn over tens of thousands of pages of documents. Those include materials created after Feb. 4, 2011, when the Justice Department wrote a letter to Congress saying no gunwalking had occurred. The Justice Department later retracted the denial.

"The Obama Administration has not asserted Executive Privilege or any other valid privilege over these materials and it is unacceptable that the Department of Justice refuses to produce them. These documents pertain to Operation Fast and Furious, the claims of whistleblowers, and why it took the Department nearly a year to retract false denials of reckless tactics," Issa wrote in an announcement of the vote to be released shortly. It will reveal the vote is scheduled for Wednesday, June 20.
But that's just Issa grandstanding. In a day and age when the racist GOP accuses the Supreme Leader of the Less Freer Than We Were in 2008 World of leaking classified information in attempt to boost his I Killed Bin Laden MYSELF image in time for the election, it's just time to stop being so damned offensive.

Fast and Furious was a routine government operation. Just like Ruby Ridge. Just like Waco. There's nothing to see here; just move right along, GOP.

Why, Holder's such a stand-up guy he's even investigating the classified information leaks himself. Kudos to him for not wasting the taxpayer's money on an independent council. It's better to look yourself for where you stashed your dirty underwear.

In fact, if the GOP wasn't so racist, they might be congratulating the president on his win in Wisconsin last week. After all, the sky really isn't blue (since NASA no longer rockets into space to check), the 1%er tax payment checks are in the mail to the IRS, and, since Michelle Obama doesn't go all the way down, Obama isn't ... ahem ... leaving anything in anyone's mouth any time soon.

Except the word "GOTCHA."

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