Saturday, June 23, 2012

Genius Barack Obama: The U.S. Needs "Bottom-up Economics"

I'm sure bottom-up economics (you know, from the 49% percent of the population that doesn't pay taxes) fueling a recovery in Barack Obama's next term will ... drain all swamps.

I know, maybe Obama can use eminent domain to confiscate every underwater middle class family home, then turn around and sell them to Mexican drug cartels.

Or let's confiscate all of the 50-inch HDTV screens from welfare recipients and peddle them to underprivileged countries.

Wait. You know what will jump-start the economy? Selling tickets to an MRI of Joe Biden's brain.

Or naming a homeless guy the Czar of Bottom-up Economics; he'd probably be just as qualified as Obama's current czars.

Even a pay-per-bow system every time Obama visits with a dignitary could do more good for the economy than anything that comes from his Marx-addled brain.

The comedy of horrors continues.

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