Friday, June 15, 2012

A Mind Is a Terrible Thing, Leftists

If I were to write a movie script to describe leftists, I'd call it "A Mind Is a Terrible Thing."

Yesterday on Twitter, while Barack Obama was giving his same speech, different day explanation of the country's economic situation, before leaving Cleveland smellier than he found it, I joined in a guilty pleasure, hashtag games, where snark is a premium and the closer you are to the truth with your tweet, the more it resonates.

This one resonated pretty well:

The fact that Twitchy grabbed up the tweet immediately says my aim was true. The fact that, by my current count, it's received more than 400 retweets, however, tells me there are more stupid people on twitter than those who participated in the 119% voter turnout in some parts of Wisconsin for the Scott Walker recall: About 90 percent of the retweets were from leftists, many of them young blacks. Most of the leftists thought I was sincere; many followed me. Some even got it, and the tweet got under their skin:
I used to think that leftists were clinically insane; now I just think they're stupid. Please make it stop.

I could argue that George Bush isn't to blame for unfunded entitlements to Social Security and Medicare (EXCEPT for the stupid drug plan he forced down our throat). I could argue that Bush isn't responsible for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac or the equally bloated and destructive Banking Queen Frank-Dodd law. I could argue that Bush isn't responsible for 70 years of progressive policies aimed at chaining 50 percent of the people in this country to the slave post of government entitlements and/or tax irresponsibility.

But all leftists can scream is: "KATRINA! IRAQ! THE BUSH (Nancy Pelosi-Harry Reid) BAILOUT!"

Four years later, it's still Bush's fault. Bush is obviously responsible for this:

And this.

Bush is obviously responsible for Obama spending the first two years of his presidency paying back his union cronies and inserting Obamacare up our asses and trying to enslave us through cap and tax. Bush is obviously responsible for, AFTER NEARLY FOUR YEARS, real un- and underemployed figures that look like this:

No, leftists aren't insane; they're just stupid. Theywere  born into this world with an inability to connect with facts; they were born into this world with a brain cavity overflowing with liquid LSD; they were born into this world with unrealistic visions of unicorn dreams.

They were born into this world to prove that a mind is a terrible thing.

Stupid kills, leftists. Good luck with that.

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