Saturday, June 12, 2010

PayPal Can Go To Hell (and Moose-limbs Can Too)

It's incredibly important, in these times of Dear Leader wanting to take over these here innnertubz, that we continue to up the revolution ... right up their wazoos, if need be.

This is one of those times. Apparently, according to innertubz money giant PayPal, Atlas Shrugs is a "hate site" (h/t: Soylent Green):
The little money that Atlas generates (I have no large donors) is about to be cut off. Apparently the jihad is hard at work trying to kill free speech (and the bus ads and the 9111 no mosque movement) from making its way to those in pursuit of truth. Paypal contributions helps pays for bus ads, rallies, live coverage (everything) and I so much as said so when asked repeatedly by the press who paid for the bus ads. Readers do and did.

Paypal is calling Atlas a "hate" site and will close my account if I do not remove the paypal option from my website. Accurate reporting and news is hate..
This will not do. The U.K., with their slippery fingered goalie and all, years ago went way beyond the pale and allowed sharia courts to circumvent their judicial system.

Dhimmi PayPal wants to go down that road in America, like their pResident Zero, and label truth as hate.

Don't stand for it. Tell PayPal to go **** themselves: Close your account. It costs $1.50 to close, but it's worth it, especially when there are alternatives, in particular, gun-friendly GPal, Inc.

UPDATE: Thanks to Piece of Work in Progress!
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