Monday, June 7, 2010

More Fun With Helen Thomas

Image via iOwnTheWorld's ironic Irony Curtain

Helen Thomas, the moldy, lumpy ... ahem ... "journalist," who covered all 44 presidents, the Civil and Revolutionary Wars, and God's rest on the seventh day, has ... moved the fook on.

Praise Yahweh.

It's a special honor for a low-class, jew-hating moose-limb appeaser from Lebanon, our "national treasure" who earned cupcakes and a kiss on the cheek from the pResident on her 3 millionth birthday last August.

I wonder if he'll ask for the cupcakes back now.

She deserves every ounce of her fall. She also deserves derision for her choice remarks. Here are a few choice remarks of my own, from earlier today on Twitter:
I hear Helen Thomas has the inside track on replacing Gibbsy as Chief Propagandist for the Regime.

@steveegg She'll hold duel propaganda roles for both the Hamas and Obama regimes, which, come to think of it, are probably one in the same.

Now that Helen Thomas is retiring she should go back to Lebanon, and be their national treasure.

@AlinskyDefeater No. Helen Thomas is famous for covering the first fish to walk on land.

@lheal If Helen Thomas is buried treasure, no one should ever dig her up. Some treasures were never meant to see the light of day.

I have the wife's laptop: No TweetDeck, just the web. I feel like it's the days of cave people, when Helen Thomas covered her first story.
Ciao, bitch.
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