Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Am BO's Oil Spill's Blog

It's probably no secret to my regular readers who also blog, and certain others -- I am Barack Obama's Oil Spill's Blog. I kept it a little quiet for a bit from most of my non-blogging readers, but anyone who knows my regular posting frequency here can obviously tell I've dropped off both in amount and quality. And I certainly haven't been a good blog friend in returning everyone's visits or comments.

I apologize.

I've been really busy keeping my boot on the regime's throat over here. Plus Wild Thing #1 is playing summer baseball and the constant practicing and weekend-long tournaments are kicking all of our asses.

Please don't bail on ADHD. I'm nowhere near through skewering politicians and general overall stupidity at this place, but, obviously, the oil spill issue is an "opportunity in crisis."
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