Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama Gives Part of Arizona to Mexicans

And whyyyyyy not? Why not ban from part of their own country those racist Americans trying to keep illegal, non-U.S. citizens from entering and entrenching themselves in their country? Who the hell are those awful white and black and brown and green and yellow and polkadotted Americans to try to defend their property, their rights, their way of life, and that little thing called the Constitution?

Dummies. All of them. Let's just go ahead right now and give all those lands we kicked Mexico's ass over back to those nice people who come here illegally -- you know, the drug lords, the one's carrying those nice guns, the ones killing people, both Mexican and American, on our sovereign soil. Let the douchenozzle dream of Aztlan become reality.

What a great guy we have in the Oval Office, the best ever. Why, he's so awesome we'll probably wave our electoral laws and nominate him King for Life. He's just that damned awesome.

Video below H/T: Logistics Monster

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