Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's Official: Obama Can't Possibly Be the Smartest President Evah

Back in November 2008, when Obamamania had reached its apex and swept the most questionable presidential candidate evah into office, we were treated with these statements of epic stupidity in an exchange between Historian Michael Beschloss and the affable but sharp and direct Don Imus:
Historian Michael Beschloss: Yeah. Even aside from the fact of electing the first African American President and whatever one’s partisan views this is a guy whose IQ is off the charts — I mean you cannot say that he is anything but a very serious and capable leader and — you know — You and I have talked about this for years

Imus: Well. What is his IQ?

Historian Michael Beschloss:
… our system doesn’t allow those people to become President, those people meaning people THAT smart and THAT capable.

Imus: What is his IQ?

Historian Michael Beschloss:

What is his IQ?

Historian Michael Beschloss:
Uh. I would say it’s probably – he’s probably the smartest guy ever to become President.

At the time, most of us in the Conservative blogosphere were struck by the nativity of a so-called "historian" making up "facts" from whole cloth, while those on the left were suffering aftershocks from the election in the form of tingles up their legs. At least we got huge chuckles from those statements, and immediately recognized Beschloss as a hack, his comments being about as big a fuckin' deal as anything Joe Biden would say.

But, now it's official. The Puffer in Chief can't possibly be the smartest president evah:
Smokers have lower IQs than those who abstain, with intelligence decreasing the more one smokes, researchers have found.

A study of 18 to 21-year-old men revealed that the IQs of smokers averaged 94 -- seven points lower than non-smokers on 101.

What's more, the pResident's addiction to tobacco is probably evidence of why he continues to push a DeathCare policy that no one wants, and is no doubt the reason Zero spent 17-minutes and 2,500 words responding the other day to a woman's simple complaint about being over-taxed -- one an example of his addiction to bad policy, the other an example of his addiction to himself:

People with lower IQs are not only prone to addictions such as smoking. These same people are more likely to have obesity, nutrition and narcotics issues.

After all, we already know that the pResident's problems with drug abuse had a profound effect on his relationship with Larry Sinclair.

Now I know that radio talking head Michael Medved continues to say that it's demonstrative for Conservatives to label this pResident as stoooopid, but then Medved occasionally strikes me as being about as Conservative as Alren Sphincter.

So, I'll take the hit for calling Obama stooopid. After all, it's now been proven by science.

I say, smoke up Barry.

In fact, I'd like to suggest that every single American who despises this man's policies should send him a carton of Marlboros, you know, to hasten his decent into retardation.

BTW, as an aside, I would have been bored out of my socks, too -- at any age.

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