Thursday, April 15, 2010

And Then HE Turned Water into ... Sulfuric Acid

... and made more than half the country drink, so he could have Obamacare, with half the burden.

But some people refused to drink.

Tight-lipped against his noxious potion but big-mouthed against his ruinous agenda, they assembled, first on February 27, 2009, then again on April 15.

And there were many.

And lo when they looked around and saw that they were not the only racist tea-bagging leftover mobster malcontents from flyover country -- 40 percent of them Democrats and Independents, all of them from all races and creeds and economic means -- they fanned out across the nation, a few here, a few there, 2 million strong on the National Mall, without central direction, all drawn to a cause, the Constitution, all opposed to another cause, the Obama Regime.

And they grew in numbers, despite being ignored and vilified and written off by a dwindling press as anti-American.

But that was only because they made their voices heard loud and clear, so loud and clear some poor suckers became terrified and were fool enough to announce their intentions to infiltrate this filthy band of rabble-rousers, the not-so-silent-anymore majority.

And as they gathered around the country on the dreaded Income Tax Day, April 15, 2010, to declare their allegiance to America, to swear their oath to defend the Constitution -- against all who oppose it -- they surrounded the infiltrators, far and wide, holding signs with arrows pointing to the impostors, chanting terms, to undo the posers, like "astroturfers astroturfers astroturfers," such good students of hijacking Saul Alinksy they had become.

And so it was that throughout the country, the powerful but peaceful march toward November 2, 2010, continued, without pitchfork and tar and feather and tear gas and riot control, but with incredible energy and patriotism and courage and peacefulness -- and the impostors fell to their knees, outdone and outclassed and outmanned and outwomaned, the teabaggers charging on towards victory, the losers slinking back into their cracks in the wall, to shrivel up and cry themselves into oblivion.

Author's note: Obviously, I'll be out of touch today, except for Twitter updates from the Atlanta Tea Party, via @snarkybasterd. But I'll be videotaping any B.S. from the left and will catch up with you just as soon as I can; you do the same.

P.S. Here's what an infiltrator will look like. Happy Tea Party Day, America!

Image via Woodsterman
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