Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Puerile Moment 'o the Day

Click to enlarge for some tasty fuck-all.

Apparently a lot of cursing goes on over at Twitter, so much so that Cursebird streams a steady diet of profanity from the underworld of the Twitterverse.

You can also look up your favorite Twits by their Twat names (in honour of my British friends):
  • jtlol (Jim Treacher) swears like a Drunken Sailor -- Ranked: 279,281st worldwide Swears: 4 Score: 77 of 100
  • obnoxiotheclown (Obnoxio the Clown) swears like a George Carlin Wannabe -- Ranked: 3,696th worldwide Swears: 117 Score: 100 of 100
  • fidothedog (The Lone Voice) swears like a Scottish Comedian -- Ranked: 77,123rd worldwide Swears: 15 Score: 94 of 100 (Oooo...since Gordoom Brown is also Scottish, I don't think that'll work for fido.)
  • excogitate (Exblogitate) swears like a Teacher’s (Treacher's?) Pet -- Ranked: 1,056,074th worldwide Swears: 1 Score: 11 of 100
  • feedyouradhd (Your Stupid Narrator) swears like a Mute -- Ranked: Bottom Swears: 0 Score: Lame of 100


I have some work to do.

UPDATE: My current score, after a few carefully placed curse words, is: "not sure." I guess that qualifies me to be Secretary of the Interior for President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

UPDATE II: Wow. I've improved: feedyouradhd swears like a Drunken Sailor -- Ranked: 222,317th worldwide Swears: 5 Score: 82 of 100


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