Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Moonbattery About Sotomayor from the Twitterverse

Ya just have to love some of this...

jessiejessup Just because I quote Thoreau doesn't mean I am gonna move to the woods so why does matter Sotomayor quoted a socialist 30 years ago??

SiobhansONgin Yeah um fuck you if you don't like Sonia Sotomayor.....reblip that someone! ♫

osochic And the J.Lo comparisons have begun :-\ ... "Judge Sotomayor is the new JLo. Justice for Law & Order" - man on the news

Peruchito Sotomayor from the block. great photos of someone who 'made it'

LooseDaCEO They sittn up here trynna take away from Ms.Sotomayor, give the lady her just due people. Need to be worried bout North Korea n those bombs

funky_old_man Republican Party risks further alienation from Hispanics by challenging the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor

mrrowe8 Sotomayor ,come on Repub's u guys got C Thomas in and if there was ever some1 that should of been a no,it was that dude

emilyfirestone Hope Sotomayor turns out to be a lefty Scalia, not some milquetoast willing to go along with election stealing & immigrant bashing.

awake247 Sotomayor, the next Terminator: Part DeSoto, part mayor. Arnold Schwarzenegger, you are on notice, on and off camera.

CTarin86 I want to punch elizabeth hasselbeck for the crap she is spewing about sotomayor. Ugh. She is so stupid!!

WorkWIthIllness RT @DiabetesMine: Sotomayor is 1st Supreme Court Pick with a known chronic illness (survivorship!) - that's big, right?

mousegirl100 Rock it out Sotomayor! Rican power! Catholic high school power! Projects power! South Bronx power! Hell to the yeah!!

TashaDeidre @SuperwomanAK I agree! N-E thing is possible! Obama & Sotomayor R examples of da genius in us all. Dreams come true when U R dedicated.

justinracette To all you conservatives: Shut up about Sotomayor. She's one wicked woman...why can't we get anyone into office without someone complaining?

LiberalTalk Got Ed Schultz on the radio and contemplating gay marriage and Sonia Sotomayor for the US Supreme Court. Thought: marriage is civil.

hoorayforkyle Sotomayor looks to have respect of liberals and conservatives alike. Good choice for Obama to test the waters.

amariamoon24 Mrs. Sotomayor is a very eloquent speaker and a womderful character- hopefully soon Justice Sotomayor

Moltz Something to practice this week: "It's hard to take you seriously when you don't even pronounce her name right. It's SotomayOR." Eye roll.

MikeKStuckey rate the supreme court justices here ... ... so far, sotomayor ranks above all conservatives and she's not in yet

mic_dee The Sotomayor reversal rate meme is nearly as dumb as the fear of superhuman terrorists breaking out of supermaxes.

dafyophi Sonia Sotomayor = fuck yeah. Try and deflect it, GOP. It won't work.

blak_boy i heard Sotomayor and thought, a latino. then, i found saw she was a woman. 2 points for Obama!!

mrrowe8 2 any1 on this Sotomayor thing if u cite race as in ur own ur a fool u r the minority now ,u will b assimilated resistance is futile


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