Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Life Sucks When You Blog

Whoever came up with this 24 hour crap for the length of a day is a friggin' idiot because, unfortunately, my blogging will be sporadic this week.

It's not that my well of material is empty, although my wife will tell you my brain certainly is. There's plenty more idiocy to come from this here nutjob.

However...it's little league baseball championship week, and my boy's Red Sox (yeah, I know, I'm a Yankees fan, but this spring I'm switching sides...though I will be holding a burning ceremony for my coach's uniform when the week is through) team is one game from the championship.

The presses or XML or data feed from my inner idiot is caged a bit. I'll be sure to put some nonsense up at least every other day, or more if my employer is looking the other way. If I've learned anything from b. Hussein it's that one must take advantage of opportunity in crisis...oh...and cast nasty little spells on 62 million Zombies.

So, I gotta go...they need me to coach first base, so I can get kids out at second.

Plus, the lawn's about two feet high now. I think there's a family of copperheads moving in. And Hobbits. So I gotta get that done before Mrs. ADHD sends me back to the league of eligible fat and graying and barely sane bachelors.


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