Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"For Political Gain, People Are Making Headlines" says the nitwit making lots of headlines for political gain this year: Arlen Sphincter.

First it was his voting for GoFrigYourselfus because...well..."somebody has to do something."

Then it was his shedding of the elephant trunk (which was really just a strap-on anyway) to reveal himself as the jackass we already knew was underneath because...well...he didn't think he could win re-election as a Republican.

Then, today, in typical Sphincter fashion, he came out and snuggled up with his new Zombiecrat buddy, The Wicked Witch of Congress, defending her lying ass (and a very hideous one at that), therefore placing himself squarely amid the asinine politicization of our national security:
"The current controversy involving Speaker Pelosi and the CIA is very unfortunate, in my opinion, because it politicizes the issue and it takes away attention from ... how does the Congress get accurate information from the CIA?" Specter said. "For political gain, people are making headlines."
I wonder when these yo-yos are going to figure out that the longer they keep Nancy Pelosi's transgressions in the news, the more chance we have to educate people about the truly oppressive "cap and tax" insanity and the ridiculous national health care taxes b. Hussein is lining up.

Just keep talking, you knuckledraggers. I'm beginning to think the new "missing link" had more brains than all of you combined.

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