Friday, May 22, 2009

Keith Olbermann Is Brilliant

Last night, we were blessed with more gifted use of language by MSNBC's chief ranter (oh, I know Chris Matthews is famous for talking about having that thrill up his leg and all, but, really, he doesn't hold a candle to the master).

Here, the Great One professes how much he loves former VEEP Dick Cheney, following Cheney's prodigious speech yesterday, which in turn followed a few words by some other guy about some place in Cuba that ain't getting shut any time soon:
Neurotic, paranoid, false to fact and false to reason, forever self-rationalizing his inner rage at his own impotence, and failure dripping from every word, and as irrational, as separated from the real world, as dishonest, as insane as any terrorist; the former vice president has today humiliated himself beyond redemption.
That's some pretty use of the English language there, Keith. It's almost as if you spent the day between Cheney's noonish speech and your evening broadcast (to all 4 or 5 viewers) reading Merriam Webster's.

Too bad you don't have much sense of how to use all them fancy words. Speaking of humiliation:


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