Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Snarky Tips for Regressives

Image courtesy of The People's Cube (Via Moonbattery)

If kids in New Jersey are so upset over budget cuts, they should drop out, get jobs, and protest themselves for not paying enough taxes to support government-subsidized education.

They could always go to work for the government. The quickest way to achieve enough power to absolve yourself of any responsibility whatsoever is to never hold a real job.

I’ll take the sh***y deal Wall Street is selling if Regressives take back the sh***y deal pResident Zero is selling.

Besides, if Regressives are so worried about what Wall Street does with their money they should just send it all to me so I can stock up on kindling for next winter. Their cash won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on anyway, once Zero is through with it.

Anyone who’s really fond of illegal immigrants should travel to Mexico without papers and find out how much they like aliens.

The next time a police officer stops a Regressive and asks for their driver’s license, the Regressive should protest that they’re not living in Nazi Germany.

As far as my fashion sense for Regressives goes, I hear dressing up as a piƱata with Jan Brewer's face has become all the rage in Arizona.

The race card isn't working. Every time Regressives play it they only draw comparisons to their own lengthy history of great moments in race relations. I know, why don’t they start calling us all redneck teabaggers!?! Oh. Sorry. That didn’t work out so well either, did it?

If things get so bad this November that Regressives can’t take it anymore, there's a suicide clinic in Switzerland that will gladly send them on a relaxing cruise of Lake Zurich. Point of warning, however, their remains will float about as well as their ideas.

If taking the easy way out isn’t a Regressive's cup of tea, they could just pollute more. It will do wonders for their mental health.
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