Thursday, April 1, 2010

There Is NO Truth to the Rumor That I Am The FoShizzel Behind the Anti-Obama Billboards Appearing in Atlanta

Oh, I know what you're thinking.

That Snarky f@^&ing Basterd dude, who can't spell the word "bastard," loathes the Zero in Chief.

He also lives in Atlanta.

And there are now anti-obama billboards -- with the audacity to say "Stop Obama's Socialism" -- cropping up like little anti-socialist boners all over metro Atlanta, a city of 5 million and then some (it's also the gayest city in America ... no shit ... but we won't go there, since Kevin Jennings has decided this blog should be standard curriculum for American preschoolers).

Obviously the circumstantial evidence is rich. Too rich. So rich, Obama is already trying to figure out how to tax it.

But let me just say ... on the record ... since we all know that Greta Van Susteren stole everything from me, including her name from meine mutter and her sexy lip curl (which I perfected while stationed near Sachsenhausen, in the Motherland, God's gift to barroom notoriety, back in the late '80s) ... that I am innocent. I do not know these despicable people who would defame this pResident ... any more than I know that these people defamed the last one.

But, now that I've been linked to these trifling matters (self-linked, but who's paying attention?), I find myself unequivocally unable to avoid promoting them, for it is in my nature to be dangerous ... and to associate with known and unknown desirables.

And so it should be yours (or yourn, if you're born and reared in the South ... which ... ahem ... I've observed ... no one is):

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