Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Left: I Am NOT A Terrorist

A Photochop by Jamie

Just because, in wild desperation, you link the TEA Party movement to today’s anniversary of the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing does not make it so, or me a terrorist.

I will not blow up a federal building today, or any day. I will not threaten violence upon a politician today, or any day. I will not incite others to break laws to achieve victory in this epic struggle between our desire to return America to its founding principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility and free-market enterprise and your soft tyranny and oppressive seizure of private life and industry so that you can steal from each according to their means and distribute to those according to their need.

I am not a racist. I stand beside people who are white and black and brown and yellow and orange and green and blue, people who don’t want to tell you how to live your lives, people who just want you to stop telling them how to live theirs. I stand beside people of all walks of life, from the professional to the blue collar to the unemployed, people who are young and old and in between, people who know that in being labeled racists they are merely the recipients of the racism projected onto them by those with a long history of great moments in race relations.

I do not belong to a militia, but I do cling bitterly to my guns and Bible, my guns protecting me from you, my Bible helping me sleep at night while you lurk in the shadows for opportunity. Were it not for my guns, you would have stormed my home long ago, taking what I have earned to distribute among those who have not, burning my Bible for provoking me to think dangerous thoughts that run counter to those you have tried to program into me since I was born.

I am not Wall Street, but I depend on Wall Street to provide me with the opportunity to someday pursue my dream, the dream of being free to deflect your hand from my wallet and your stronghold over my struggle to get ahead in this life and your pernicious and relentless efforts to drag me down into the sewer of despair in which you wallow.

I am not an extremist. I am an American. But if, in these dark times, being extreme means standing in the streets with right-minded people, reminding those in government that they work for us, demanding they be held accountable, then I will continue to be extreme. After all, America was founded by extremists, and I am honored to be mentioned among their company.

I am not crazy if I distrust government, if I put faith in myself and my ability to rise above your pettiness and lift as many boats with me as I can. To place your trust in government is to give up on your own human abilities, one of the craziest, most un-American, things I can think of. If you want to call me crazy for believing what WSB radio talkshow host Herman Cain told thousands in Atlanta last Thursday -- “I am crazy about the United States of America, I am crazy about the Constitution, and I’m crazy about the Declaration of Independence” -- I will do more than act the part: I will be fervently crazy about such American treasures, too.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you can try to silence me, but you will fail. I will NOTwatch my words.” Call me a racist, call me crazy, call me a terrorist, but I will continue to speak the truth about the Marxist in Chief, about pResident Barack Obama’s malignant narcissism, about his contempt for the American people, as will millions of others. For to ignore these facts and allow you to continue stripping America down to a shell, like some feeble European nation, would place me on the wrong side of history, would be my only act of treason.

And so I remain, seditiously not yours.

Cross-posted at Red State.
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