Thursday, April 29, 2010

No Country For Brave Men?

Image courtesy of Woody's Place.

All the loser Alinsky-ite cockroaches are skittering from their cracks in the walls over the Arizona immigration law.

From the Racist in Chief to the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles, both of which hold the appeal of a romp in the sack with a booze-addled homeless woman wearing newspaper for underwear, they're gorging on the race card like contestants hammering Kobayashi in a hotdog eating contest. Even the great full-blooded Latino Al Sharpton has been seen wiping mustard on his sleeves between gobbles.

Now a Congresscriminal from New York is bleating that Major League Baseball should pull its All-Star game from Phoenix (a city who's mayor is threatening to sue over the law, probably because he's eying higher office):
A New York congressman who called for the league to move the 2011 game from Phoenix is the latest person to push for an economic boycott against the state in protest of the new law. Companies have been pulling conferences out of Arizona resorts while others have suggested consumers shun companies, such as US Airways, that are based in the state and have yet to condemn the the law.

"I think that when people, states, localities make decisions this monumental, they should know the full consequence of that decision," Rep. José E. Serrano, D-N.Y., said. "I think Major League Baseball, with 40 percent Latino ballplayers at all levels, should make a statement that it will not hold its All-Star Game in a state that discriminates against 40 percent of their people."Serrano also did the YMCA dance today over the House putting Puerto Rico within the reach of statehood, not that Puerto Ricans want to become the 51st state (or is it the 58th?), but when have Democrats ever listened to their royal subjects, anyway?
This crap must stop. Let them march on 70 cities. Let them boycott. Let them send nasty letters to the headquarters of Arizona Iced Tea ... in friggin' New York, while they obviously suck down one too many Long Island Iced Teas.

But let's not allow America to become no country for brave men. If we can't stand up for a state so desperate for the federal government to do its job they've taken federal law into their own hands, we can't stand up to the Socialist in Chief who ignores us every time we clearly indicate we no longer want anything to do with his sh***y deal.

I'm about to pack the F-150 with the family and basic necessities and burn a dozen tankfuls of fuel or so on a trip to Arizona and scope out a new place to live. (Figuratively, of course, but in earnest nonetheless.) I want to reside in a state that has more stones than the pResident's wife (she has two sets, hers and Zero's), where I can pack heat without a permit, where taking a stand and doing something about injustice still means something.

Because if the federal government won't fulfill its Constitutional duty to secure our borders and every nutter who hasn't bathed since 1967 wants to stand in the way of a state that does, it might as well come down to the old ways, the wild wild west ways, and, I'm sorry, but today's ever-so-sensitive pseudo-intellectual libtard with a Beemer and no cojones just needs to get the hell out of the way and let real Americans take over, for their own good.
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