Saturday, May 8, 2010

Snarky Link Dump

No comment necessary.

Because I never do this ... and because I've been up much of the night with Wild Thing #1, who either has a rotovirus or food poisoning, and as such this is all you're gonna get from me today.

A "warning label" on the Constitution -- Cato smokes out a moonbat publisher everyone should avoid.

Jan Brewer gives pResident Zero the finger: The Wisdom of Soloman

F***wad Charles Johnson extends the American school year to July 4 so Mexican students can wear their flag to school: JammieWearingFool

I don't think $846 an hour for a part-time government hip hop instructor is enough. I'm holding out for a grand: Moonbattery

Protest sign in AZ: "We will shoot more police .. until we get free" ... healthcare, jobs, house, food (and no taxes):

Putin snubs Joe Biden on the 65th anniversary of the end of WW II. Now that's a BFD: Piece of Work in Progress

Who needs satire when the (no longer read) media refuses to discuss Islamism? Yid with Lid

Liberals can be birthers. And why not? They're truthers, aren't they? Weasel Zippers

Support the ACLU: Screw Mother's Day, hate stay-at-home moms, buy a prostitute, and get your teenage daughter an abortion: Right Klik

Ah, the benefits of nationalized health care ... death panels don't even give doctors a pass when they need life-saving medicine: Conservative Hideout

I'd piss on Jeneane Garafalo, too: King Shamus
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