Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Abandon All Hope and ... Obama Will Disappear

Not reallllly, but, according to this...
It's often better to just resign yourself to how awful things are rather than raging against your situation and hoping desperately that it will get better. [via Obnoxio the Clown]
Gee. If we'd done that, Van Jones would still be saying we're all assholes on behalf of The Joker and Doug Hoffman wouldn't be getting most of Scuzzyface's votes this evening and voting on the Senate wealth share bill wouldn't be slipping into December.

Why, according to the Happily Hopeless study, I should just abandon the "dark side of hope."

I'll tell you what, I've seen the happily hapless side of hope:

...and I'm all for the dark side, if it means real change is coming in the polls tonight and 2010.


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