Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Obama Gets Lovin' Despite Historic Midterm Smackdown

The Loser in Chief may have lost his mandate last night, when the American people responded to him calling them "the enemy" by firing The Wicked Witch of Congress and her Merry Band of Congresscriminals.

But all is not lost! At least Zero is getting some good lovin' today overseas.

Only problem is, the doll with his likeness is not anatomically correct.

His head's not up his ass.

And, anyway, he wouldn't know what to do with all those white women if he had an instruction booklet.

Hey! I wonder if, instead, he'll be getting it on with The Official Democratic Party Blow-up Doll.

But maybe not, since last night pretty much assured that Democrats aren't going to be having any fun for a very long time, let alone getting laid. In fact, they may all be better off lying down and going to sleep in the new symbol for the Democratic Party.

Bring out yer dead!
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