Tuesday, February 14, 2012


That's what Barack Obama will cost you by the time Mittens, Santorum, Gingrich someone kicks him out of office this fall -- provided 1.8 million dead voters don't help re-elect him Dictator and King Forever.

For another way to look at it, here's a table that shows the Trojan in Chief's deficit spending as a percentage of the GDP. Give him this: The table shows that Zero the Zero Accomplish-er will finally accomplish one thing; at the end of his 4 years he'll double -- in a quarter of the time -- the previous deficit records of Reagan and Bush, who served a combined 16 years in the White House.

Meanwhile, the Liar in Chief today renewed his Twitter march to pressure Congress to extend the $40 payroll tax cut, which means, if it passes despite significant opposition the first time he offered us this rotten olive branch, we'll all get to fill our gas tank halfway a little more often ... that is until the price of gas marches toward $5 a gallon later this year -- principally because The One let refineries close and blocked construction of the Keystone pipeline in favor of powering America with unicorn farts, or something.

I'd rather put the $40 in a pot with everyone else's "tax cut" and buy Barack "I dream of a day when little black lies and little white lies will walk hand in hand together and make me king" Obama a one-way ticket back to that little Asian country called Hawaii or Kenya or Indonesia or wherever the hell it really is that Barry Soetoro comes from.

Because, in the end, all the Loser in Chief is trying to do is what he said he'd do the night he was elected: "fundamentally change America."

And you need to look no further than his new African-Americans for Obama ad, or frankly look at anything he's ever said, to know that the Marxist in Chief inherently believes in redistribution of wealth (so that's why my socks keep disappearing in the dryer!), "from each according to his ability to each according to his needs" ...

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