Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bibi Heils Hitler ...

Or so the so-called "prestigious" media would have you believe.

This doesn't come from Media Matters for America, who writes the news for MSNBC and the talking points for the White House, or from Move On, who writes the grammatically incorrect banners for Obama 2012 taunts of Mitt Romney stumps.

The following photographs come from staples of journalism revered in every Journ 101 class in every school that teaches journalism (full disclosure: your humble narrative has a degree in journalism and spent too many years he'd like to forget working as a professional journalist for newspapers that, remarkably, still exist).

THIS is the photography the Associated Press and Reuters, two wire services subscribed to by every "legitimate" newspaper and TV news organization in the country, released today from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to the United Nations:

That's right. The major wire services of the world released photographs of an Israeli man trying to stave off his country's inhalation by holocaust ... that appear to insinuate an Israeli man trying to stave off his country's inhalation by holocaust ... with a salute to Nazi Chancellor Adolf Hitler.
Of the hundreds of professional photos taken at this speech, the AP and Reuters decided to push these onto the wire. (via Doug Ross)
If you're confused, don't be: This is just more proof that the media who wants to re-elect Barack Obama, by excoriating Romney and covering for Obama's myriad failures, is just that: in the tank for Obama.

If you haven't convinced yourself you need to get as many neighbors to vote for Romney as possible, you should do that now. I'll give you 40 days.


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