Thursday, August 23, 2012

Text What You Think of @BarackObama to 62262

As if the sentence "please donate $3 or more" shouldn't already be removed from the English language, Barack Obama is stooping to new lows.

It's not enough to spam me with upwards of 3-4 emails a day, the latest coming from serial free contraception slut Sandra Fluke. Ironically, my email account is intuitive enough lately to identify Obama 2012 emails as spam, and that's just where I found Fluke's this morning. (Sorry, Sandra my inbox isn't nearly as accessible as yours.)

Now you can text credit card donations to President Douchebag. The campaign wants you to include the word "GIVE" in your text. But I have a better idea: Text the campaign and tell Obama what you think of him.

Being such a thoughtful and sensitive guy, I told the president he could pleasure himself ... in so many words. You might have something more interesting to say.

It's easy:
  • Open a new message on your phone and type 62262, numbers that correspond to the letters O-B-A-M-A. (Surprisingly he spelled his own name correctly, unlike O-I-H-O.)
  • Then add your message and press send. 
  • You'll receive the following text in return: "Welcome to Obama for America mobile. Reply with your 5 digit ZIP for local info."
  • Instead, reply with STOP, and you'll receive another message telling you will not receive messages or charges from Obama Contributions.
So let President Teleprompter and his campaign know what you think. It's juvenile, but, hey, at least you won't be accusing him of murder.

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