Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another Crazy Teabagger Arrested for Plotting Destruction

Just look at this guy.

He's obviously white, over 40, and must own a lot of guns. His favorite movie probably is Deliverance. I'll bet he can render the "Squeal like a pig!" line with conviction. Why even his name screams racist mobster from some southern flyover red state: Faisal Shahzad.

It's no wonder he nearly got away; who the hell would have suspected him?

And how else can you explain his epic bomb fail? Only a dirty white teabagger could have screwed up that badly.

You people really are terrible. pResident Zero hates you. New York's Mayor Dingelberry hates you. I just know you're all probably planning to trash some city the next chance you get.

You'd all better watch out.

As the pResident says, we won't be terrorized: "We will not cower in fear ...."

But we may bow a hell of a lot.
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