Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Piss on Anthropogenic Global Warming

Greenie whackos who run around claiming the sky is falling, there's too much carbon dioxide, and global warming is going to consume the world aren't really Chicken Little.

They're Chicken Fucking Dumb.

Humans couldn't possibly destroy Mother Nature; she's far more powerful than we are.

That's why I haven't been around lately. That bi-atch dropped 16 inches of rain around my house over 7 days, 5 inches alone yesterday. Starting Sunday, little rivers literally flowed through my basement. I shop vacuumed. I broomed. I remained vigilant, refusing to sleep Sunday night. I even went out in the driveway and lifted my head to the sky and screamed expletives you normally wouldn't see in this place -- well, unless you were a moonbat troll -- and still it came down, filling my mouth like some kind of natural waterboarding.

During one period of heavy downpours yesterday, I literally emptied the 5-gal shop vac once every minute or two for three hours.

And still the rivers flowed, until finally they took out the carpeted family room, and we decided to quit our foolish attempt at trying to save the homestead and instead tried to save our stuff.

This is America, after all; stuff is more important than anything.

So to you AGW freaks, I say, Mother Earth is doing just fine, and she'll continue to be fine long after we're gone because she'll probably be the one to do away with us all -- and the bitch will enjoy every minute of it.

P.S. Hey, Anonymous. It IS Anthropogenic. If you have such trouble with big words that you've convinced yourself to hound others to use the wrong one, you're not bright enough to hang around this place.


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